THE Baby/Toddler Workout For Mom. Try it Today!

By Mama Melissa  January 23, 2013

Want to pump up your biceps, increase your stamina and lose weight all at the same time?  Then try the baby/toddler workout!  Here’s what it entails:

1) Carry baby or toddler in one arm while you are lugging diaper bag and other items with your other.  Make sure you continue until you think your arm is going to fall off. This works best if baby or toddler is extra squirmy or cranky.

2) Bend down and wipe up food off the ground as baby or toddler eats.  Since baby or toddler likely eats all day long this means you get to bend and scrub all the time!  Make sure to put your all into it to tone those muscles!

3) Spring out of bed a few times in the middle of the night to attend to baby or toddler.  Unfortunately this may not happen every night, so when it does make sure to contract your stomach muscles to get the most out of your spring.  Some moms like to throw in a quick jumping jack after they spring to fully optimize.

4) Push stroller down the street while swerving to avoid pedestrians who don’t get out of your way.  Make sure stroller is loaded up with toys, food and of course baby or toddler. Push push push!
5) Pick baby or toddler up of the ground—up down, up down, up down.  Do this about one hundred time throughout the day.  For maximum benefit do it when baby or toddler is holding a large, unwieldy object like a toy stroller or even a scooter.

6) Wrestle with baby or toddler while changing a poopie diaper.  Make sure baby or toddler is trying hard to either touch poop, roll over, stand up or kick you in the face.  This exercise has been proven to make you break a sweat.

7) Step on a hard, sharp toy like a Lego or block and then jump around on one leg for a few minutes.  Tip:  try not to hop back onto the Lego or block with your good foot or all jumping will have to cease.

You may not feel refreshed, but you’ll be exhausted! And the best thing about this workout is that you can do it everyday!  Good luck!


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