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Breastfeeding Support
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
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USLCA Member Holistic Approach to Breastfeeding and Weaning Ann has nearly seventeen years of experience with breastfeeding and maternal healthcare to complement her clinical skills as an IBCLC. She knows that, babies are born to breastfeed, this comes naturally to them. However this ancient art is a learned skill for many mothers. At Baby & Me Lactation Services, we are committed to offering you the best possible way to reach your breastfeeding goals. We offer holistic (looking at the big picture), personalized, and detailed consultations at your home, in our clinic or hospitals around Howard, Parts of, Baltimore, Ann Arundel and Montgomery Counties, since 2006. We are very excited to meet and work with you and your family, if the need be. For more information please visit us at

Breastfeeding Class

$55-95 range
Taught by International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Group classes
Private Classes

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
$55-165.00 cost range
Has helped 1050 moms
In-home visits
Provider office visits
7 years of experience

Lactation Educator

Certified Lactation Educator
Has helped 2100 moms
In-home visits
Provider office visits
Virtual consultations
14 years of experience

Skills and Experience

Adoptive Nursing
Breast Abscess
Breast Cancer (before/after treatment)
Breast cancer (breastfeeding during/after treatment)
Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery
Cleft Lip and Palates
Exclusively Pumping
Feeding Tube Devices
Insufficient Glandular Tissue
Latching Problems
Lip Tie
Low milk Supply
Mastitis/breast Infections
Preterm Infants
Relactation/induced Lactation
Slow Infant Weight Gain
Sore Nipples
Tandem Nursing
Tongue Tie

One Response to “Ann FAUST, MBChB, IBCLC,RLC, RH”

  1. mamaLeiko says:

    I recommend Ann Faust with enthusiasm and without reservation to anyone who wants support, education, and valuable advice on breastfeeding. As first time parents, my husband and I were very frantic when we called Ann. Our new-born, unable to latch on, was quickly dropping weight after being born. Ann showed up on our front door within hours of our initial phone call. She possessed a rare combination of compassion, wisdom, and humor. She quickly diagnosed him with a tight lingual frenulum [tongue-tie] and began introducing exercises to teach our son Rowen how to use his tongue more efficiently. Furthermore, she provided several practical tools that enabled immediate modified breastfeeding. Were it not for Ann’s precise guidance, we would have abandoned breastfeeding.

    For the next few weeks Ann provided emotional support to my family beyond the mechanics of breastfeeding. Her extensive education and experiences were an invaluable asset in navigating the dizzying initiation into parenthood. This was all included in the initial low-priced fee. Thanks to Ann, our son Rowen is now a robust & healthy breast-fed baby

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