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Baby Nurse
Breastfeeding Class
Breastfeeding Support
Childbirth Class
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Labor Doula
Lactation Counselor
Lactation Educator
Postpartum Doula
(973) 651-7046

Good Day my name is Avalon Cambridge. I am a Professional certified new born specialist for the past 15 years. My objective is to teach new parents how to care for their newborn/s and to manage a structure for them to execute and also helping with the transition. I have experience knowledge with preemies, singleton and multiples. Certified Infant CPR. Am caring, loving and dependable.

Baby Nurse

Has worked with 300+ babies
15 years years of experience

Skills and Experience

Acid Reflux
Baby sleep routine
Breastfeeding support
Circumcision care
Infant massage
Older sibling support

5 Responses to “Avalon Cambridge”

  1. ericab says:

    Avalon took wonderful care of our daughter when she was born. She was a calming influence on a set of nervous new parents, and she has a great sense of humor too. Our daughter had acid reflux so it was great to have her help us with that. To this day I haven’t met a better swaddler! She’s also great with dealing with all of the visitors who arrive with the baby. We actually managed to make it out of the house for a date night a week and a half after our daughter was born because we knew she was in great hands with Avalon.

    She is very professional and clearly has been working with babies for years. I would highly recommend Avalon to any expecting new mother.

  2. ckbaird says:

    Avalon was such a gift to us when we brought our newborn twins home! Calm, caring, knowledgable and kind, Avalon was able to give me so much support…which as a first time mom I truly needed! She treated our babies with love and absolutely expert care. She showed me how to manage all the bottles, feedings, diapers, baths, swaddling( another reviewer is spot on…she’s the best!) and everything else that comes with bringing babies into your life. I cried when she left and even then she kept giving…reassuring me that I was ready…my girls are almost two and we remain so grateful for our time with Avalon!

  3. KristinaD says:

    I think of Avalon often as she gave us such an amazing foundation of knowledge and skills when our newborn twin girls came home from the neonatal intensive care unit (2 weeks apart). She was even able to start with our family early because my girls came early, and after some time in the NICU, they were still home before my due date. We were so fortunate that Avalon was available to start early. As soon as Avalon started, she wasted no time in getting to work. But Avalon doesn’t make it look like work! She loves what she does. She loves babies. She knows how to read a baby’s cues and know what they need. She’s an expert at feeding, bath time, diapering, swaddling, sleep schedules — everything related to babies, and she’s the expert in regards to twins! We were fortunate to have Avalon with us 24 hours a day. She slept in an extra bedroom in our townhouse. She is such a pleasure to live with and is fun to be around. My whole (extended) family enjoyed having her around. We were always happy for Avalon to come on outings with us. And she also insisted that we go out on a date night! Avalon is amazing. I cried when she left, but when she did, she left me with so much more confidence than I ever thought I could have with such tiny babies. I’m so happy that we’re still in touch with her to this day.

  4. Hayley says:

    Avalon came to us at a time when my twins were 6 months old and not on a sleeping schedule. I was a nursing mother and exhausted and needed some help. She was my second baby nurse as the first one had not worked out so I was weary when I knew another nurse was coming to help. Well within a few hours I knew this was the right fit. Avalon is a truly beautiful person inside and out she genuinely cares about the children. I also have a 4 year old who became very smitten with Avalon too. In addition to being an amazing hands on help she also helped me get the babies on the same sleep schedule. My twins who are now 17 months old still sleep in the same room and nap and wake up together around the same time. I still keep in touch with Avalon and cried when she left us. She will always have a place in our lives and our hearts.

  5. derikson says:

    We consider Avalon a part of our family! She came to us when we had our second child, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better (I soon wished we would have known her when we had our first child too!). Avalon’s overall calm nature, kind demeanor, extensive knowledge, caring spirit, and genuine heart make her someone who is perfect to care for babies, and their families. She not only helped with our newborn son, but she soon became a dear friend to our 19 month old too. While I was having major breastfeeding issues, Avalon came with me to doctor appointments, shared her knowledge, supported me through the tough times and assured me that everything would be OK. She really made life adjusting to 2 kids so much easier – we even extended her stay with us because we didn’t want her to leave!
    When Avalon finally did leave, I cried like my newborn son! We still keep in touch with Avalon and can’t thank her enough for her love and care.

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