Cali Judson

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Breastfeeding Support
Childbirth Class
Labor Doula
Lactation Educator
Postpartum Doula
(661) 309-2955

Being a doula has been an amazing blessing to my life. I am honored every time a family welcomes me to their home and invites me to witness and support the birth experience that they have always envisioned. My goal in working with any family is to understand the path in life that they are currently traveling and help them to fully understand all birthing options available to create a unique, personal and empowered experience.

Childbirth Class

$250-300 per class series cost range
Group classes
Private Classes
1 years of experience

Labor Doula

CAPPA Certified Labor Doula

CAPPA Certified Doula
$900 per birth
Has attended 48 births
3 years of experience

Lactation Educator

Certified Lactation Educator
$40-60 per session
Has helped 12 moms
In-home visits
1 years of experience

Postpartum Doula

CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula
CAPPA Certified Doula
Infant CPR certified
$30-40 per hour
Has worked with 10 families
2 years of experience

Skills and Experience

All birth types
Baby care skills
Breastfeeding information
Breastfeeding support
Labor & Delivery Information
Older sibling support
Unmedicated Childbirth
VBAC experience

4 Responses to “Cali Judson”

  1. LovemyDurochers says:

    Cali is amazing doula. My husband and I had the pleasure to be her very first birth (but had she not told us we would have never known). She is professional, loving, gentle, knowledgeable and attentive. She was not only there for me but supportive for my husband as well. She help my dream of a calm, peaceful, natural labor come true through her gentle encouragement, her confidence in my inner strength and doula skills. We love her dearly and consider her apart of our family. I look forward to have her doula my future births. I highly recommend Cali Judson to be your doula.

  2. newmom13 says:

    My husband and I were so thankful for Cali during labor and delivery and would definitely use her services again. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking a doula. Cali is friendly, helpful, supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. Cali was available for any questions we had leading up to the birth of our son, she was tireless in her efforts to help get me through natural labor and was supportive in the weeks following his birth with breastfeeding questions. She is an amazing doula and we could not thank her enough!

  3. Jassic21 says:

    Cali was an amazing support not only for myself, but also for my husband. She was very helpful with preparing for our delivery and supporting our birth plan. We felt that our delivery stuck to that plan as much as possible. Cali helped me through each contraction with calming words and encouragement, along with different positions to try to relieve as much discomfort. Both my husband and I agree that the birth of our daughter would have been a lot more stressful for us and we probably wouldn’t have been able to have a natural delivery had she not been a part of it.

  4. mommy18 says:

    We did not labor, but my husband and I both agree that Cali’s support with educating us on the process of pregnancy, labor and postpartum was the most helpful form of support. Also, because the end of the pregnancy and birth did not go as planned it was so helpful that Cali was just a text or a call away for reassurance and support. We had such a wonderful experience with Cali, She is a great friend and is always available to help by answering questions or just listening when I needed to vent. We were very fortunate to have her as our doula throughout our pregnancy! I will recommend her to any of my expecting friends because I know they will be in good hands with Cali.

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