Cheryl Abrams

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Baby Nurse
Breastfeeding Support
Labor Doula
Lactation Educator
Postpartum Doula
(682) 429-4637

Chery is a certified postpartum doula and newborn care specialist.The road to becoming a doula and newborn specialist began by serving my country and the people of my community. It has been my life long journey. It started years ago when I volunteered to serve in the Arm Forces. While I was in the Army I volunteered to serve as a Candy Striper on the weekends to help the soldiers who were battle scared due to war. Since then, my volunteer experience has been a receptionist, American Cancer Society (Look Good Feel Better), Mental Illness Board Member (NAMI) Prayer Counselor, American Red Cross, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Grace Hospice Ft. Worth. In addition, my work experience was a disciplined Soldier, Home Day Care Provider, 20 year Licensed Cosmetologist, and Product Educator for Farouk Systems (CHI) Nanny, Home Help Assistant, Newborn Care Specialist and Texas Breastfeeding Educator. I wanted a new and exciting career that enabled me to continue to help women and families, so being a Doula was a natural choice for me. I took my doula training with DONA,CAPPA and Parenting I am a Foodie who loves to show off by making gourmet dishes. If you love fresh homemade bread, I am the person for you. New moms need to eat, I know, lets show her how much she did a great job by making her a one of a kind meal just for her when she brings baby home. I love to make unique crafts, ok lets make mom something special just for her or the baby. Stumped about how to pull off baby’s first birthday party, no problem I am very crafty too. I can help create a one of a kind party. I am a licensed cosmetologist, Hey mom, you just had a baby and you need your hair or feet done but can’t get away to the salon, no problem, I will come to your home and get you looking beautiful without leaving, Its ok to nurse while I work on you. Combining my gifts and talents with my doula training and serving moms and families before during and after birth is a great joy to me. I have many more gifts and talents to share.

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