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Labor Doula
Lactation Educator
Postpartum Doula
(678) 653-1502

I am a labor and postpartum doula as well as an intern with Breastfeed Atlanta. My goal is to enable you with the tools for you to use in your everyday life to prepare you for your desired birth. We will explore together the topics and concerns as we create a customized plan for management and comfort through out your laboring time. As a postpartum doula, I am here to help you adjust, acclimate, and find your new rhythm after your precious bundle arrives.

Labor Doula


2 years of experience

Lactation Educator

In-home visits
Virtual consultations
1 years of experience

Postpartum Doula


Infant CPR certified
4.5 years of experience

Skills and Experience

Active Labor Support
Birth Education
Birth Plan Support
Birth Plans
Breastfeeding support
Cesarean birth
Cloth Diaper
Early Labor Support
Formula Feeding
Meal Planning

One Response to “Heather Goodbread”

  1. ruminator says:

    I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Heather Goodbread for nearly ten years. And when she told me she became a postpartum doula, my first reaction was, “That is perfect for you!” Heather has the spirit of a caregiver, and being a doula isn’t just what she does, it’s who she is. Of course she is incredibly knowledgeable (as I know from our many conversations about birth, babies and child-raising!), but she has qualities that, I think, are even more important: She is patient, kind and gentle, a selfless giver, and knows how to offer knowledge, comfort and wisdom without forcing it or being judgmental.

    Although Heather is a postpartum doula, she actually greatly helped me prepare to conceive. I am a Type A planner, and it took me nearly two years to mentally and spiritually prepare myself to take the biggest step of my life and choose to become a mother. Naturally, I faced many fears, all centering around, “Can I do this?” (“This” encompassed everything from conception to pregnancy to birth, to caring for a baby and raising a child.) Heather counseled me and comforted me. She encouraged me that I could do it, but more importantly, she told me that it was of utmost importance that I learn to believe in myself. Now that I am pregnant, she continues to encourage me through my pregnancy and I know I will turn to her in my “fourth trimester,” too.

    I have been amazingly blessed to call Heather my friend — and I know you will be blessed to call her your postpartum doula!

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