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Lactation Counselor
Lactation Educator
(832) 858-5283 www.facebook.com/katieknowsbreast

I am a mom of two boys, both whom were breastfed for 14 months. I know the challenges that breastfeeding moms can face, but also know how wonderful of an experience it is! I focus on the family by educating all involved, especially dads and siblings so no one feels left out. I am passionate about nurturing this wonderful experience for healthier, happier babies and families. I have been a nurse for 13 years, 4 years of that in postpartum and newborn, and one year specializing in lactation. I feel blessed to be welcomed into families' homes and given the opportunity to assess and improve the breastfeeding experience. I can help in many areas - newborn challenges, latching difficulties, milk supply issues, pumping, and introducing solids and weaning - to name a few.

Lactation Counselor

Registered Nurse
$90 per hour
In-home visits
4 years of experience

Lactation Educator

Registered Nurse
In-home visits
Provider office visits
1 years of experience

Skills and Experience

Breast abscess
Breast cancer (breastfeeding during/after treatment)
Breastfeeding after breast surgery
Exclusively pumping
Insufficient glandular tissue
Latching problems
Lip tie
Low milk supply
Mastitis/breast infections
Preterm infants
Relactation/induced lactation
Slow infant weight gain
Sore nipples
Tandem nursing
Tongue tie

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