Newborn Specialist Ellen Marie

Decatur, GA Map It

Baby Nurse
Breastfeeding Class
Breastfeeding Support
Childbirth Class
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Labor Doula
Lactation Counselor
Lactation Educator
Postpartum Doula
(404) 576-7289

I have over 17 years of infant care experience! I am a newborn night nanny and have wonderful experience and training! I am a very positive and nurturing person who has singleton and twin experience! I look to assist tired new parents with their baby's routine feelings and sleep training. I also provide breast feeding support. I monitor your infant throughout the night and keep a journal. I am also available to work days. And I enjoy encouraging infants to reach their individual developmental milestones and to thrive!

Baby Nurse

Early child education and development
Certified Infant Care Specialist
Infant CPR certified
$16 to 20 an hour per day
Has worked with 1 to 2 babies
17 years of experience years of experience

Skills and Experience

Baby sleep routine
Breastfeeding support

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