Rachel Helfenstens

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Breastfeeding Class
Childbirth Class
Labor Doula
Postpartum Doula
(904) 713-3676

My mission is to help pregnant people & their family achieve their desired birth & Postpartum experience. To provide support, encouragement, and information for the Family Unit during those special times. I also provide placenta services (encapsulation, smoothies, keepsakes, tinctures, & tree of life prints), referrals (to local support groups, specialists, LLL meetings, ICAN meetings, etc.), intact care education & support, breastfeeding support, birth plan preparation, and more. Childbirth Education coming soon! Trained and certified birth doula through DONA International as of 08/19/2013, CD(DONA). Trained and certified placenta encapsulation specialist through International Placenta & Postpartum Association as of 08/20/2013, CIES(IPPA). Currently working on Postpartum Doula & CBE certification through BAI (Birth Arts International) as of February 2014. View testimonials here:

Labor Doula

DONA certified
DONA Certified Doula
$200-650 cost range
Has attended 33 births
3 years of experience

Postpartum Doula

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist IPPA

$15-20 cost range
Has worked with 2 families
1 years of experience

Skills and Experience

Baby sleep routine
Breastfeeding support
Experience with preemies
Older sibling support
VBAC experience

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