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My name is Lesley Cressman, FoundHer of Sacred Journey. I am a sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and wife who is sharing the importance of the life of women! The empowerment of women without devaluing men, in fact it brings balance to the sexes. As a mother of two women and two young men, I believe it is our greatest gift we can bestow upon our children and our society is the gift of equality and love. Lesley's Bio: Lesley has been married for about 29 years, together with her husband they have raised 4 children, now adults, and she is happy to announce the expectation of grandchildren in the coming year. Lesley loves working with families and children within her community. She is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, a Reiki Master, Red Tent Facilitator, and completed her Labour and Postpartum Doula training. Lesley's heart is in social services and she values our community as a whole, she is accepting of all religions, cultures, social economics and GLBT accepting. She is a strong educator, who utilizes the theories of Gardeners Multiple Intelligence within her classes. Within her classes, Lesley utilizes a combination of Theory, Visual, and Movement activities to assist her students in bringing the learning into practice. May all your sacred steps lead to a Sacred Journey in this life,

Breastfeeding Class

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Childbirth Class

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Group classes

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RIRO 1 and 2
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WHO Level 1

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