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Interviewing help

Baby Nurse Interview Questions

So you’ve found a few Baby Nurses that sound great!  Now it’s time to meet them, get to know them better and see if they will be a good match for you and your family.  But what should you ask?  Where to begin?  Below is a list of interview questions to help you in your decision making process.

-How long have you been a baby nurse?

-What did you do before being a baby nurse?

-How many babies have you taken care of?

-Are you an RN?

-Are you a certified infant care specialist?

-Have you recently been CPR certified? When?

-Will you help with my older child(ren)

-Will you help with the baby’s laundry, etc.

-Can you help me with breastfeeding?

-What are your thoughts on supplementing with formula during breastfeeding (some may feel strongly about doing it and some may not)

-Can you help get my baby on a sleep schedule?

-What is your method for getting a baby on a sleep schedule?

-Will you go to the baby’s doctor appointments with me?

-Are you experienced with caring for a circumcised penis?

-How do you care for the baby’s bellybutton?

-Do you have a job right before I’m due, or shortly after your time with us would end?

-If yes, what if I deliver early or late?

-How often do you take a day off?

-On your day off would you arrange for a replacement for yourself?

-What baby products do you recommend I buy?

-Is there any special food you’d like me to keep in the house for you?

-How much do you charge? 

-When do you like to be paid (end of each week, every day, etc?)

-Tell me about yourself and your family?

-Can I please have 3 recommendations to call?